▪ Founded in 2012, Blinkchase is a leading manufacturer specializing in e-cigarette research, design, manufacture and marketing. All our products are CE, ROHS, MSDS and SGS certified. FDA application is in process. Blinkchase e-cigarettes are non-flammable and rely on micro-electronic technology to provide users with a real smoking experience without the tobacco and tar found in cigarettes. They feel like cigarettes and look like cigarettes. They even emit vapor. In many ways, it is an actual smoking experience. They have all the pleasure of the cigarette, but without all the problems. 

    ▪ At our ERP-managed factory, we have 20 production lines and over 300 skilled employees; our monthly production capacity are 400,000pcs disposable cigarette and 200,000 sets starter kit per month. Blinkchase is dedicated to making the most durable and reliable e-cigarettes under the principle of Quality First. Among all employees, 15% are QC / QA employees. All cartridges are filled in GMP clean room. 

    ▪ With Six years' experience in electronic cigarette industry, we have the latest micro-electronic technology of e-cigarettes. We only source durable and reliable components to make sure they are of superior quality. 

    ▪ OEM and ODM services are available. we are is a reliable company helping many famous companies set up their quality system.

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