Detailed introduction:

Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:  AEBT
Model Number:  AE01
weight:  20g
size:  92*44*6mm
Battery Capacity:  280mAh
Tank Capacity:  1.1ml
Coil:  ceramic core
Certificate:  CE ROHS

Puffs:  300


Product Description

Brand  name  AEBT 
Model number  AE01
Product size L:92±0.02mm  W:44±0.20mm  H:6±0.50mm
Battery capacity 280mAh 
Work voltage  
Product style Vape Pen
Atomizer use POD

Electronic cigarette maintenance:  

(1) After using the electronic cigarette for the first time or after placing the smoke-free bullet for a period of time, be sure to load the new cartridge first and wait a few minutes until the liquid smoke penetrates. Smoke-free liquid case, the use of electronic cigarettes can damage the atomizer.  

(2) About a normal cigarette can inhale about 15, it is recommended that users stop smoking after 14-16 mouth smoking half an hour, and then sucked.  

(3) The first lithium battery charging time should reach 12 hours, after the charging time of 2-3 hours.   (4) It is forbidden to directly inhale smoke liquid in the bombs. Excess liquid smoke liquid comes into direct contact with the oral cavity to stimulate the oral mucosa.  

(5) Please e-cigarette and smoke liquid smoke on the hard-to-reach places.  

(6) Smoke liquid bombs should be stored in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight, use within 12 months.